50+ Best Restaurants in Naperville (2024)

As one of the most populous cities in Illinois and a gemstone suburb of Chicago, Naperville is home to an incredibly diverse and burgeoning restaurant scene that will leave your taste buds dancing.

In our extensive culinary journey through this vibrant city nestled tightly within good ol’ American Midwest hustle-bustle, we aim to introduce you not only to the best restaurants spanning East and West regions where local character comes alive on the platter but also those ‘hidden gems’ tucked cozily around popular tourist attractions ensuring gastronomic adventures synonymous with sightseeing quests!

So tighten your seat belts everyone because we are about dive deep into eclectic flavours spread across Naperville’s dynamic diningscape showcasing a unique blend of tradition, innovation & brilliant culinary craftsmanship.

Here are the 50+ best restaurants in Naperville for 2023, collected by our team of travel experts.

9 Best Restaurants in East Naperville

Best Restaurants in Naperville (2023)
Best Restaurants in Naperville (2023)

Sullivan’s Steakhouse

Indulge in memorable dining at this 1940s Chicago-style steakhouse known for prime cuts of steak, fresh seafood offerings, and live music for added ambiance.

Shinto Japanese Sushi & Hibachi Grill

A delight for sushi lovers this restaurant serves creatively presented sushi rolls & hibachi entrees in a contemporary setting filled with Japanese cultural aesthetics.


With its refreshing American menu and relaxed bar setting this chain offers both classic favorites and innovative dishes designed to satisfy varied appetites.

Catch 35

Specializing in serving premium seafood straight from not just the vibrant Pacific but also from the flavourful South Atlantic region; Catch 35 blurs the boundaries between casual comfort food dining style with high-end refined good taste food finesse.

Fiammé Pizza Napoletana

This pizza haven not just excels in traditional Naples-inspired pizzas but also features other Italian classics done wonderfully right satisfying Italian food cravings.

Francesca’s Intimo

Classic Italian fare served up elegantly reminiscent of Sunday dinners at Nonna’s — homemade pasta further seals their authenticity promise beautifully!

Hugo’s Frog Bar & Fish House

Fine seafood prepared skillfully paired up conventionally yet exquisitely along with versatile group steaks could easily be a piece de resistance! An extensive wine list further adds to their charm quotient.


The Modern colorful cuisine from Mexico married with inventive cocktail designs manages to build the perfect buzz around before you start digging Delicious Tacos, Burritos, et al.

Basils Greek Dining Restaurant-Bar

If you are a fan of succulent skewered meats or cheeses all centered on beautiful Greek traditions here might be your favorite place where your order may even result in beet salad, lamb chops, Spanakopita rounded off baklava!

7 Best Restaurants in West Naperville

Best Restaurants in Naperville (2023)

Traversos Restaurant

Enjoy old-school Italian-American classics served in a warm, Tuscan-style setting that brings hearty homestyle meals to your table.

Buona Beef

A fast-casual chain serving Chicago-style hot dogs, sausages & beef, and a selection of beer or wine for relaxed dining.

The White Chocolate Grill

This modern American restaurant stands out with its wood-burning grill at its heart and menu offerings prepared fresh daily.

Draft Picks Sports Bar

A comfy haunt offering draft beers plus classic pub grub in an atmosphere filled with screens airing the latest sports happenings making it a perfect rally point for game times.

Shogun Japanese Restaurant

At Shogun, not only can you find well-balanced bento boxes but also hot plates straight from Hibachi Flames and boatloads of sushi choices!

Taco Diner Bolton Circle

When the craving hits for enchiladas or churros among other boldly flavored Modern Mexico Food, Taco Diner won’t cease to amaze you.

Jimmy’s Charhouse

From their private flame-roasting pit slow cook choice prime cuts, chops, and juicy chicken duos always turn out delectable- Pair them up with martinis & vintage wines and pour perfection on the plate!

5 Best Restaurants Near The Riverwalk

The Riverwalk - Best Restaurants in Naperville (2023)
The Riverwalk – Best Restaurants in Naperville (2023)

Jimmy’s Grill

An inviting spot right by the enchanting Riverwalk, this restaurant serves classic American fare accompanied beautifully by outdoor seating and live music shows.

Hugo’s Frog Bar & Fish House

Known for their upscale seafood and steak dishes, diners savor gourmet meals while relishing views of the stunning Riverwalk.

Quigley’s Irish Pub

Get your fill of savory Irish grub served within an enjoyable traditional pub setting located just a short walk from Naperville’s crown jewel, The Riverwalk.

Rosebud Italian Specialties & Pizzeria

Rosebud offers splendid Italian cuisine near Naperville’s iconic landmarks, from timeless pasta classics to gourmet pizzas.

La Sorella di Francesca

Bringing Italy Closer to Home!

5 Best Restaurants Near Naper Settlement

The Riverwalk - Best Restaurants in Naperville (2023)
Naper Settlement – Best Restaurants in Naperville (2023)

Catch 35 Naperville

A great seafood spot that gets a lot of love from locals and tourists alike due to its immaculate location near Naper Settlement

Sullivan’s Steakhouse

Feast on luscious steak cuts in an electrifying atmosphere after day-long sightseeing in the downtown area.


After soaking up history at Naper Settlement, enjoy a modern culinary interpretation of traditional Mexican fare, paired with cleverly handcrafted cocktails that play lead roles in creating a memorable dining experience!

Lou Malnati’s Pizzeria

Head into pizza heaven when you visit this place! Famous deep dish style is loved unanimously always!

Empire Burgers + Brew

If you can’t think beyond burger-bliss-state-of-mind especially when accompanying younger members of family or school group outings here might be the ultimate choice!

5 Best Restaurants Near Centennial Beach

Centennial Beach - Best Restaurants in Naperville (2023)
Centennial Beach – Best Restaurants in Naperville (2023)

Aurelio’s Pizza

Traditional and delectable pizzas are served in a family-friendly environment. It is the perfect spot to grab a bite after an enjoyable day at Centennial Beach.

Potter’s Place Mexican Kitchen and Cantina

An authentic Mexican eatery offering delicious plates of tacos, fajitas, and more with a vibrant ambiance just a short hop from the beach.

Ted’s Montana Grill

A sophisticated yet laid-back establishment specializing in bison meat dishes truly providing an American dining classic experience.

Five Guys

Perfect for families with kids craving juicy burgers and fries; conveniently located near Naperville’s favorite swimming spot.

Mesón Sabika

Housed in a historic mansion spread across acres of lush landscape, serves Spanish tapas paired best sangrias.

5 Best Restaurants Near DuPage Children’s Museum

DuPage Children's Museum - Best Restaurants in Naperville (2023)
DuPage Children’s Museum – Best Restaurants in Naperville (2023)

Yakiniku Ryouzanpaku

A unique dining experience, this is a classic Japanese BBQ joint. Perfect for an after-museum dinner.

KNB Meat Market and Deli

An unassuming Korean bistro serving delicious cuisine close to the Museum.

Paris Bistro

Offering classic French street food, cafe-style seating, and a relaxed atmosphere- Paris without leaving town!

Fire It Up Tacos

This local joint with organic, gluten-free options caters excellently to all dietary needs.

MOD Pizza

For some quick-grab happiness, visit MOD which is famous for pizza wizardry!

5 Best Restaurants in Downtown Naperville

Downtown Naperville - Best Restaurants in Naperville (2023)
Downtown Naperville – Best Restaurants in Naperville (2023)

Café Buonaro

Home of authentic Italian cuisine with a cozy ambiance, perfect for a relaxing meal in the heart of Downtown Naperville.

Tango Argentinean Grill

Offers Argentinian flair in their meats and pasta. The empanadas are a must-try!

Shinto Sushi at Freedom Commons

When sushi cravings hit while downtown shopping spree, this modern Japanese joint doesn’t disappoint.


A local favorite for its smoked Briskets and Pulled Pork; Q-BBQ is the prime spot for all barbecue lovers.

Fogo de Chao Brazilian Steakhouse

An upscale Brazilian chain for all-you-can-eat meat carved tableside plus an extensive salad bar.

5 Best Restaurants Near Morton Arboretum in Lisle

Morton Arboretum - Best Restaurants in Naperville (2023)
Morton Arboretum – Best Restaurants in Naperville (2023)

Abeja Wine Bar

This wine bar offers an array of wine selections, a great way to end an Arboretum visit.

Dao Sushi and Thai Restaurant

Known for offering delightful sushi varieties suiting every Asian food craving needs perfectly after a tree-hugging day!

The Bavarian Lodge

It brings homely comfort bundled with German hospitality -pretzels, schnitzels & steins predominantly packing their menu list!

Marquette Kitchen & Tap

Serving American cuisine in a relaxed pub setting conveniently located near the arboretum.

Base Camp Pub & Eatery LLC

The Restaurant offers classics like burgers, and tacos among others but also has a wide beer variety that pulls the crowd evening, particularly after day-long trekking!

5 Best Restaurants Near Moser Tower and Millennium Carillon

Moser Tower - Best Restaurants in Naperville (2023)
Moser Tower – Best Restaurants in Naperville (2023)

Nando’s PERi-PERi

Famous for its Portuguese-style flame-grilled chicken, dig into generously portioned meals paired with bold flavors right near a Naperville icon.

Paris Bistro

Perfect spot to satiate your French cravings after experiencing the charm of Moser Tower.


Known for its Naples-inspired pizza made from fresh, locally-sourced ingredients echoing the tower bells in each bite’s delight!

Noodles Pho

It brings Vietnamese cuisine offering varieties of noodle soups.

Which Wich Superior Sandwiches

They offer comfort sandwiches vis-a-vis Horwich or cold which along with veggies sides rightfully satisfies post-Carillon tour hunger pangs keeping you a full rest day!

5 Best Restaurants Near Knoch Knolls Nature Center

KNOCH KNOLLS NATURE CENTER - Best Restaurants in Naperville (2023)
KNOCH KNOLLS NATURE CENTER – Best Restaurants in Naperville (2023)

Ruchi Indian Cuisine

Experience the warmth of Indian spices after your trip to Knoch Knolls; relish diverse Indian dishes including vegetarian and vegan options!

Potbelly Sandwich Shop

Handcrafted toasted sandwiches and fresh salads make themselves a worthy pit-stop choice for sandwich enthusiasts!

Yum Yum Thai

A treat destination for Asian food lovers where Thai bbq specialty shines particularly!

McAlister’s Deli

Indulge southern style us deli offerings variety ranging stuffed baked potatoes, giant spuds, and more…

5 Best Restaurants Near Seager Park Interpretive Center

Seager Park Interpretive Center - Best Restaurants in Naperville (2023)
Seager Park Interpretive Center – Best Restaurants in Naperville (2023)

Changarro Restaurant

This restaurant brings you the best of traditional Mexican dishes; come for the tacos, and stay for the beautiful nature that surrounded this park.

Chipotle Mexican Grill

A fast-casual restaurant offering build-your-own burritos, tacos & bowls will ensure you replenish after an adventurous day at Seager Park.

Taco Madre

Renowned throughout Illinois, you’ll love its delicious and fresh take on modern Mexican food fueling much-needed recharged energies!

The Original Granny Fanny’s

Looking for a quick pick-me-up? Head to this deli shop offering sandwiches and salads sporting homemade taste.

Pizza Hut

Dig into globally loved Hot freshly baked pizzas, pasta dishes along other fast-food items.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is unique about the restaurant scene in Naperville?

The restaurant scene in Naperville offers an eclectic and diverse dining experience. It’s a blend of family-owned spots serving traditional homestyle meals, modern bistros offering innovative global culinary fusions, and delightful fast-casual joints catering to quick-bite cravings.

Does Naperville offer dining options for vegan or vegetarian patrons?

Many of Naperville’s restaurants offer vegetarian and vegan dishes. Restaurants like Shinto Japanese Sushi & Hibachi Grill, Fiammé Pizza, KNB Meat Market, and Deli have been noted for their plant-based offerings.

Can I find kid-friendly restaurants in Naperville?

Plenty of eateries like Buona Beef, Five Guys, and Potter’s Place Mexican Kitchen Cantina cater to younger crowds with menus tailored toward classic kid favorites.

If I am a seafood lover where can I dine best at East or West Naperville?

You’re definitely in luck as both regions embrace sea-lovers well! If we talk about the East, Catch 35 has a wonderful reputation for churning out the finest Pacific South Atlantic catches whereas the West region flaunts The Whitchocolate Grill where the seafood section wins big time!

When traveling with kids what local attractions would recommend visiting also convenient nearby good dining?

DuPage Children Museum particularly welcomes little visitors wholeheartedly thereby inducing them to learn while playing way & grow. Children-friendly eating places such as MOD Pizza located right nearby suffices childlike hunger pangs extremely impeccably.

Fans Chicago Style Hot Dogs & Beers find their ‘happy place’ Where all around town exactly?

Buona Beef sporting ‘fast-casual chain’ features among its menu- authentic recreated Chicago-styled hot dogs sausage making it the preferred one-stop quick-stop times craving hits heavy alongside brilliantly offering great beer wine selections surprisingly adding its charm extraordinarily!

Apart from neighborhood mainstream foodie spots, are any other less-known hidden ones around tourist points locals should visit whilst sightseeing sessions?

Apart from exploring popular Riverwalks downtown regions taking your food excursions further inside the city could land pockets near Seager Park centred-‘Granny Fannys’ gladly serve excellent sandwich bites keeping hunger check besides satisfying touristic curiosities!

Popular cuisines featured predominantly across town showcasing dietary diversities?

With Myriad Multicultural inhabitants city home boasts every imaginable cuisine corners world quite literally – American grills, BBQs-Mexican spiced plates, Mediterranean shared tapas style, Homemade Italian Pasta bowls, and Japanese sushi platters among others featuring extensively across restaurant scenes!

Can we expect a more expansive guide coming up soon and updated regular basis?

Surely yes! Exploring evolving vibrant culinary scene poses exciting prospects therefore it won’t be long next gastronomic guide talks you through new entrants wowing locals and visitor crowds alike – so watch space diligently!

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