10 Best Restaurants in Provincetown (2024)

Provincetown, Massachusetts is not just renowned for its timeless seaside charm and vibrant arts scene, but also for its diverse and delightful culinary landscape.

From the freshest seafood dishes served with a bay view to fare inspired by the Mediterranean and traditional New England cuisine – you can embark on a true gastronomic adventure without leaving town.

In this guide, we spotlight the 10 best restaurants in Provincetown. Each one is unique, these restaurants offer paradisiacal plates to satisfy every palate imaginable whether you’re planning your first visit or are simply seeking new spots to explore.

1. Napi’s Restaurant

Napi's Restaurant - 10 Best Restaurants in Provincetown (2023)
Napi’s Restaurant – 10 Best Restaurants in Provincetown (2023)

Napi’s Restaurant sets the tone for a grand culinary tour of Provincetown.

Situated among quaint historic homes and just a short walk from the harbor, this eclectic dining place is almost as famous for its striking interior design as it is for its varied menu.

It greets visitors with eye-catching original artwork and bronzed statues from local artists.

However, what will likely be most remembered by first-time visitors is the global selection of dishes that are featured on their menu.

A delightful fusion of international fare with hearty traditional New England cuisine can be found at Napi’s, offering such diverse choices as Portuguese kale soup or duck à l’orange with a cranberry orange glaze.

2. Fanizzi’s Restaurant

Fanizzi's Restaurant - 10 Best Restaurants in Provincetown (2023)
Fanizzi’s Restaurant – 10 Best Restaurants in Provincetown (2023)

Perched right over Cape Cod Bay, Fanizzi’s puts nature right alongside your dinner plate – it’s hard to imagine a more picturesque setting for an evening meal.

This restaurant prides itself on its seafood-focused menu whipped up from locally sourced fresh catch.

It also offers an array of flavorful gluten-free and vegetarian options to cater to various dietary needs and preferences.

Expect classics like New England clam chowder and lobster rolls accompanied by more exotic compositions like Mediterranean salmon balsamico or bay scallop curry.

3. Strangers & Saints

Strangers & Saints - 10 Best Restaurants in Provincetown (2023)
Strangers & Saints – 10 Best Restaurants in Provincetown (2023)

Modern Mediterranean gastronomy finds full expression in Strangers & Saints’ kitchen – think tapenade spreads, craft cocktails infused with botanical gin, and fig-balsamic glazed lamb ribs paired exquisitely with curated wines from coastal vineyards around Europe.

A converted sea captain’s home now holds this lively spot that serves farm-to-table fare inspired by the rustic cooking traditions of Greece and Italy but explores intriguing flavor combinations in their own innovative ways.

4. The Mews Restaurant & Cafe

The Mews Restaurant & Cafe - 10 Best Restaurants in Provincetown (2023)
The Mews Restaurant & Cafe – 10 Best Restaurants in Provincetown (2023)

The Mews gets noticed in Provincetown for several reasons: its stunning waterfront location acknowledging two decks on separate floors filled with panoramic views; its wide-ranging vodka list reputedly one of North America’s largest; its elegant candle-lit atmosphere making it a favorite among couples seeking intimate romantic dining experiences; the interplay between traditionality e.g., Lobster Sautee—traditional Provincetown dish – unexpected flavors merged artfully within fusion cuisines—crispy fried Brussels sprouts tossed Korean BBQ sauce, anyone?

5. The Lobster Pot

The Lobster Pot - 10 Best Restaurants in Provincetown (2023)
The Lobster Pot – 10 Best Restaurants in Provincetown (2023)

Classic seaside diner meets high-level gastronomy at The Lobster Pot where freshly-sourced local produce turns into imaginative mélange through expertise since 1979!

While significant emphasis remains steered towards seafood including but not limited shellfish section, Portuguese-inspired corner spices things further-up featuring dishes like Bacalhau À Gomes Sá combining salted cod olives onions fried potatoes topped with hard-boiled egg!

Instagram-worthy two-story waterfront view with a complete white-painted clapboard exterior lighthouse motif reinforces a breezy maritime theme all-around during feasting hours while the upstairs Top Green Room provides peace and quiet for those desiring toned-down alfresco ambiance against a bay backdrop – don’t forget to try one mixed drinks whipped-up experienced mixologists onsite after scrumptious plates devoured adequately!

6. Pepe’s Wharf Restaurant

Pepe's Wharf Restaurant - 10 Best Restaurants in Provincetown (2023)
Pepe’s Wharf Restaurant – 10 Best Restaurants in Provincetown (2023)

Breath-taking second-floor terrace allowing unobstructed picturesque bay-view sundowner overlooking sailboats bobbing lazily? Memorable indeed!

Though do check out the downstairs indoor area’s impressive mural mirroring the marine life aesthetic theme aptly capturing the essence historical fishing village within illustrious artistic fashion seamlessly merging interior décor integrity humble town beginnings larger-than-life modern-day glamor artistically unlike any other such synthesis region-wide!

Pairing said visually stunning background with traditional fisherman-styled provisions reimagined innovative plating presentations guaranteed satiate appetites engaging discerning culinary explorers simultaneously- reliable Pepe lifeline locals tourists alike serious about dishing-out unrivaled comprehensive feasting experiences – extra points scored due vegan-friendly entrée/salad selections throughout offerings tabulation hailing welcome surprise non-meat consumers otherwise famous surf n turf dominated territory establishment find proper fine-dining food fests rather elusive across restaurants genre usually skim mishaps direction conveniently sadly oftentimes so far handled delicately convincingly Pepe promise!

7. Jimmy’s HideAway

Jimmy's HideAway - 10 Best Restaurants in Provincetown (2023)
Jimmy’s HideAway – 10 Best Restaurants in Provincetown (2023)

This hidden gem on the edge of Provincetown’s docks offers an idyllic late-night retreat perfect for cocktail enthusiasts and foodies alike.

An ideal place for intimate yet lively dining, Jimmy’s HideAway boasts a dimly lit, cozy bar that serves beautifully balanced cocktails alongside its inventive New American menu.

High-quality, seasonal ingredients form the basis of their meat and fish-centric dishes. Simple but thoughtful hearty comfort foods cooked with finesse – creamy lobster mac ‘n’ cheese or tender hanger steak – make this restaurant a must-visit!

8. Patio American Grill

Patio American Grill - 10 Best Restaurants in Provincetown (2023)
Patio American Grill – 10 Best Restaurants in Provincetown (2023)

Patio American Grill brings together the vibrant energies of downtown Provincetown right into your plate!

Nestled within cobblestone streets bustling with activity, this cosmopolitan rendezvous point showcases an all-American dining experience designed around sharing – tapas-style plates featuring fresh seafood; coastal cooking inspired by diverse heritage Massachusetts State; modern interpretations homely favorite grilling trends perhaps best serve diners meeting up group setting.

Scenic alfresco seating fills up quickly here allowing patrons to savor both delightful bites and captivating sights simultaneously through bustling Commercial Street happenings while sipping refreshing signature frozen cocktails capturing the quintessential summer beach town aura through enticing patio view.

9. The Canteen

The Canteen - 10 Best Restaurants in Provincetown (2023)
The Canteen – 10 Best Restaurants in Provincetown (2023)

A casual hot spot in Provincetown that echoes the easy-going spirit of its inhabitants while keeping their eating habits reasonably nutritious in a beach-front locale setting!

Trashing fast-food stigma with handcrafted quick-service offerings at affordable prices, The Canteen provides an eco-conscious commitment to sustainable practices.

Their menu: Health-forward- marrying hearty freshness from local farms via salads sandwiches wraps curated to deliver servings of protein-dense veggies and grains in creative harmony within a casual eatery ambiance fostering an inclusivity environment welcoming all age groups taste preferences dietary specifications alike expecting delicious quick bites packed wholesome goodness wrapped breezy seaside charm!

10. Vorelli’s Restaurant

Vorelli's Restaurant - 10 Best Restaurants in Provincetown (2023)
Vorelli’s Restaurant – 10 Best Restaurants in Provincetown (2023)

Ending our list with a decades-long institution within hereditary heart old-world charm oozes sophistication and traditionality unified under one roof – Vorelli’s!

Known primarily steakhouse specializing in premium quality meats prepared by skilled chefs poured love care ensuring rich juicy flavors extracted fullest possibly conceivably even imaginable transforming otherwise mundane meal times into celebratory experiences thoroughly deserving!

But not just carnivorous clientele acknowledging attention affection deservingly so – vegetarians vegans too witness fair share impeccably culled selections keeping uniquely versatile tastes considerations mind exploring vibrant mix salads pasta grills ensuring no eater feels left out comprehensive All-American contemporary culinary outing seated elegant dining room surroundings interspersed inspiring artwork lending arty touch flourishing gastronomic canvas adorning table setups flawlessly expertly harmoniously ushers eloquent close Provincetown restaurants journey flavorful proportions indeed vast range styles cuisines beckoning!

Map of the Best Restaurants in Provincetown

Price Range Table: How Expensive Are These Restaurants?

Restaurant Average Cost per Meal Price Range
Napi’s Restaurant $30-$50 Medium
Fanizzi’s Restaurant $20-$40 Medium
Strangers & Saints $25-$45 Medium
The Mews Restaurant & Cafe $30-$50 Medium
The Lobster Pot $30-$60 Medium
Pepe’s Wharf Restaurant $25-$45 Medium
Jimmy’s HideAway $30-$50 Medium
Patio American Grill $20-$40 Medium
The Canteen $15-$30 Cheap
Vorelli’s Restaurant Not available Not available


Frequently Asked Questions

Does Napi’s Restaurant offer vegetarian options?

Yes, Napi’s menu includes several vegetarian and gluten-free options alongside its diverse range of international and local dishes.

Is Fanizzi’s Restaurant suitable for family dining?

Indeed, Fanizzi’s offers a children’s menu making it a perfect spot for dining out with the whole family.

Does Strangers & Saints do reservations?

Yes, they take reservations through their website or by phone. However, seating is also available on a walk-in basis subject to availability.

What type of cuisine does The Mews Restaurant & Cafe specialize in?

The Mews focuses on contemporary American cuisine but also garners inspiration from Asian and European flavors to create unique fusion dishes

Is seafood the only option at The Lobster Pot?

Although renowned for its locally sourced seafood specialties, The Lobster Pot also offers meat and vegetarian dishes on its comprehensive menu.

What’s the dress code at Jimmy’s HideAway?

Jimmy’s HideAway maintains a smart casual dress code but comfort is key so that visitors can relax and enjoy their meals without any formalities.

Can you dine alfresco at Patio American Grill?

Yes – as the name suggests there are exterior seating arrangements possible subject to weather suitability and availability of space.

How socially responsible are operations at The Canteen?

True to its name, Canteen operates with a high commitment towards ecological preservation – sourcing produces locally, reducing food waste, recycling whenever possible, etc.

Is Vorelli’s strictly a steakhouse?

While primarily famous for finely aged prime steaks grilled to perfection, impressive offerings extend beyond including equally sumptuous seafood plus dedicated vegetarian/vegan plates too

Are all these listed restaurants open year-round?

While some spots remain operational throughout the calendar catering to loyal clientele base resident community area guests – overall parameters differ considering seasonal variations frequently alter the Provincetown restaurant scene a largely dependent number of visitors evaluated time thereby encouraging check the specific schedule beforehand planning to visit individual establishments directly ensure current validity working hours according to announced format closing periods if enacted particular listings accordingly timely avoiding any potential inconvenience otherwise might occur unexpectedly due unawareness such mention perhaps potentially missed-out crucial information received s previously posted outlet details.

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