10 Best Restaurants in Montgomery AL (2024)

As the capital city of Alabama, Montgomery is rich in history and southern charm.

It offers a diverse array of experiences from historical landmarks, beautiful parks to entertainment avenues.

Perhaps its most enticing allure lies in its vibrant dining scene that combines southern tradition with contemporary culinary trends.

Whether you are appreciating Civil Rights Landmarks or exploring the serene Riverwalk Stadium, make sure to take a culinary journey across town and enjoy some mouthwatering dishes served by these top-notch restaurants.

Here are ten best best restaurants in Montgomery AL.

1. La Jolla

La Jolla - 10 Best Restaurants in Montgomery AL (2023)
La Jolla – 10 Best Restaurants in Montgomery AL (2023)

La Jolla takes elegance and dining sophistication to new heights.

Nestled within an attractive setting, it pride itself on excellently prepared American cuisines infused with Californian influence giving diners an innovative food choice complemented by creative cocktails at their full-service bar.

The restaurant’s ambiance is intimate yet convivial, ideal for romantic dinners or catching up with friends.

From succulent steaks served with a unique twist of flavors to their beautifully curated wine list – every element at La Jolla will indeed delight your senses.

2. Central Restaurant

Central Restaurant - 10 Best Restaurants in Montgomery AL (2023)
Central Restaurant – 10 Best Restaurants in Montgomery AL (2023)

Centrally located in an iconic historic building on Coosa Street downtown, Central offers diners a combination of contemporary American cuisine made from fresh local ingredients.

Executive Chef Brandon Burleson’s slightly Southern influence shines through every dish stimulating your palate while making you feel at home.

Its vintage-style decor creates both relaxed and upscale vibes that extend beyond the inviting bar area into the open kitchen allowing customers an exclusive backstage view while dining.

3. Martin’s Restaurant

Martin's Restaurant - 10 Best Restaurants in Montgomery AL (2023)
Martin’s Restaurant – 10 Best Restaurants in Montgomery AL (2023)

Standing tall since 1939 as one of Montgomery’s oldest family-owned establishments – Martin’s Restaurant transports patrons back into yesteryear Southern America through its distinctive traditional flavors.

Famed for their finger-licking fried chicken – that follows three generations worth recipe – this glorious offering is only outshone possibly by a delectable helping of cornbread stuffing created from scratch daily!

Timeless charm adds allure but it’s icons like these which keep folks coming back again & again at this local hotspot!

4. Firebirds Wood Fired Grill

Firebirds Wood Fired Grill - 10 Best Restaurants in Montgomery AL (2023)
Firebirds Wood Fired Grill – 10 Best Restaurants in Montgomery AL (2023)

Food lovers craving juicy steaks and seafood will instantly fall hard for Firebirds Wood Fired Grill located inside Shoppes At EastChase.

They specialize in wood-fired grilling where proteins (steak/seafood) assume center-stage seasoned generously before they’re brought over hot flames till perfectly seared outside & tender inside giving rich smokey flavor explosion upon each bite!

Their cordial service teams up beautifully with comfortable set-up ensuring pleasant times spent here amidst great food.

5. City Grill

City Grill - 10 Best Restaurants in Montgomery AL (2023)
City Grill – 10 Best Restaurants in Montgomery AL (2023)

City Grill exudes equal parts class & comfort boasting European inspired decor alongside impressive menu dominated primarily by Southern Cuisine; however few international influences have been beautifully incorporated cultivating unique tastes worth savoring en masse!

Ever-popular ‘fried green tomatoes’ still going strong surprisingly well-worked Asian-inspired swordfish steak feature among versatile dishes meant surely aiming gastronomical delights whether casual lunch/dinner special occasions alike!

6. Wintzell’s Oyster House

Wintzell's Oyster House - 10 Best Restaurants in Montgomery AL (2023)
Wintzell’s Oyster House – 10 Best Restaurants in Montgomery AL (2023)

A must-visit Seafood house originating from Mobile Harbor has been delighting shells-loving seafood aficionados almost eight decades strong now!

Honoring tried-&-true Gulf Coast traditions whilst maintaining overall quality consistently since days it begun has brought well-deserved reputation Wintzell uses only freshest catches devises scrumptious recipes coming out kitchens!

This lively casual setting ensures real good time particularly given trademark humorously inclined signage occasionally throwing forth age-old wisdom form fun sayings.

7. Itta Bena Restaurant

Itta Bena Restaurant - 10 Best Restaurants in Montgomery AL (2023)
Itta Bena Restaurant – 10 Best Restaurants in Montgomery AL (2023)

Located above BB King Blues Club hidden away rather subtly entrance nonetheless walking up stairs reveal world-class eateries smoothly blending Delta inspirations distinctly Beale Street vibe draw profoundly fine-dining scenario!

Inside laid-back luxe velvet-draped interiors welcome guests where jazz tunes fill spaces softly coupled low-lit ambient lighting sets perfect tone refined meals handcrafted both skill passion executive chef

With unobtrusive service incredibly delicious food memorable moments assured happen right here Itta Bena.

8. Bonefish Grill

Bonefish Grill - 10 Best Restaurants in Montgomery AL (2023)
Bonefish Grill – 10 Best Restaurants in Montgomery AL (2023)

Succinctly put Bonefish grill recognized globally excellent timber-grilled specialties particularly market-fresh fish much more than introduced Bang Bang Shrimps enjoying die-hard fans worldwide who gladly driven miles off normal routes order savor magic shrimp dish!

Patrons might find occasion experience signature Angler drink hit already pretty impressive bar aside live offerings always ready down cocktail pair your meal awaiting adored equally travel-weary locals teeming tourists!

9. J.W Beverette’s Soul Food

J.W Beverette's Soul Food - 10 Best Restaurants in Montgomery AL (2023)
J.W Beverette’s Soul Food – 10 Best Restaurants in Montgomery AL (2023)

Family-owned charming little place dating more decade past evokes nostalgia simplest ways turning time clocks back golden oldie black-&-white photos era adorn walls emphasizing deep-rooted linkages community rooted authenticity generations…

Unpretentious yet entire meal avowed classic soul-food lineup could taste-tested morning breakfast spread pancakes sausages steaks etc evening come prepared magnificence entailed rib dinner along collard greens cornbread!

10. Cahawba House

Cahawba House - 10 Best Restaurants in Montgomery AL (2023)
Cahawba House – 10 Best Restaurants in Montgomery AL (2023)

Cahawba house quaint eatery downtown marked unassuming exterior delivers punchy line-up comfort foods squarely aiming offer quintessentially closer homeliness!

Its breakfasts lauded next-level attributes notably “Travis” biscuit slinging heft candied bacon sunny-side egg producing delights just stopping yours alone seriously meat-and-three entrees worthy too.

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FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Can I make a reservation online for these restaurants?

Yes, most of these establishments allow for online reservations. However, it’s always advisable to call the individual restaurant or check their official website for the most accurate information.

Do any of these restaurants have outdoor seating available?

Several of these restaurants offer outdoor dining options, especially during favorable weather conditions. It’s best to call ahead and confirm given social distancing requirements due to COVID-19.

Are there vegetarian or vegan options available at these places?

These dining places take pride in offering diverse menus that cater to various dietary preferences including vegetarian and vegan choices.

How is the parking situation at all of these listed Montogomery places?

Each restaurant is unique but many are located within areas that provide free or paid parking facilities nearby.

Are Wintzell’s Oyster House and Bonefish Grill seafood-centric only?

While they both specialize in seafood dishes due to their Coastal touchpoints, they also offer a selection of non-seafood items such as salads, chicken dishes, steaks etc., accommodating tastes across all spectra.

Do any of these Montgomery Restaurants serve alcoholic beverages?

Most establishments here serve a range from local craft beers and wines by glass or bottle up to innovative cocktails prepared by experienced bartenders who make sure guests always have great sips pairing perfectly with meals.

What does City Grill have an average rating on widely accessible reviews platforms like Yelp Google TripAdvisor?

City Grill enjoys high ratings demonstrating dedication providing superior quality services food resulting positive overall experiences patrons so rave reviews doing rounds include impressive average obtained thus far.

Are there private party hosting options available at La Jolla&Central Restaurant?

Both reputed exceptional customer service extend excellent private parties occasions corporate dinners wedding receptions holiday gatherings amongst more ensuring professional courtesy every turn.

Is Bonefish And Firebirds Grill part global chains?

Interestingly yes part larger chains however visitors wouldn’t feel except consistently maintained their standards across board testament successful business model.

What about live music scenes around Itta Bena?

Itta Bena tucked above BB King Blues Club frequently hosts soul-stirring live jazz nights further enhancing classy vibes enthralling foodies immersively southern experience overall unforgettable night town guaranteed!

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