Riyadh, Saudi Arabia: 13 Most Frequently Asked Questions

Can you drink alcohol in Riyadh?

It’s no secret that Saudi Arabia takes a strong stance against drinking alcohol, and Riyadh is no exception. Drinking alcohol can be punishable by law in the capital of Saudi Arabia, so travelers to this city are wise to take caution.

Is Riyadh a strict country?

Riyadh is indeed a strict country, but beneath this outward veneer exists a city of culture, warmth, and open minds. Whether in terms of the strict codes of conduct that are deeply embedded in the hearts and minds of its citizens or reinforced by laws, such as not engaging in prohibited activities like drinking alcohol or engaging in public displays of affection, there is no denying that Riyadh holds steadfast to its traditional values.

Is Riyadh a good place to live?

Riyadh is a great city to live in, offering its residents a multitude of benefits. Most notably, the city’s infrastructure is well-developed with excellent roads and highways connecting all parts of the city making commuting hassle-free.

Riyadh is a haven for education, offering some of the most esteemed schools in the area. But there’s more to this city than just that; recreational and cultural activities abound! From amusement parks and shopping centers to exuberant open-air events such as national holidays or traditional festivals, Riyadh has something for each individual’s liking.

What is Riyadh most known for?

Riyadh is the largest city and capital of Saudi Arabia and is a major metropolitan hub that has long been at the heart of the region’s culture, commerce, and politics. Regarded as one of the most modernized cities in the Middle East, Riyadh is renowned for its old markets and ancient districts as well as for its stunning skyscrapers and advanced development projects.

What is not allowed in Riyadh?

Some activities and behaviors are not allowed in Riyadh such as eating, drinking, or smoking in public during Ramadan, women not wearing an abaya (long cloak) when out in public, not bringing Alcohol into the country, and playing cards or music at weddings.

Additionally, certain parks and attractions can only be visited by men. The culture in Riyadh is quite different from Western cultures and it’s important to be respectful of the customs while visiting this city.

Do you have to wear a hijab in Riyadh?

Generally speaking, it is advisable to opt for a longer skirt or dress, long sleeves, and a head scarf when venturing out into public places in the capital. Following these guidelines will ensure that both locals and visitors alike feel comfortable and respected during their stay in the city.


Is Riyadh safe at night?

Though Riyadh is generally a safe city, some precautions should be taken for travelers venturing into the city at night. It is recommended to stay within areas that are well-lit and populated.

Tourists should also pay attention to their surroundings and be aware of pickpockets or other suspicious persons that may want to take advantage of unsuspecting people. W

What is the average salary in Riyadh Saudi Arabia?

The average salary in the city currently stands at a very generous 12,897 Saudi Riyal per month which works out to be around 3,413 US dollars. In comparison to other cities and countries, this is considerably higher, making it an excellent choice of location for those wanting to benefit from a higher salary.

Can I wear jeans in Saudi Arabia?

Jeans have been gaining popularity among the local population, yet visitors should be conscious that more modest apparel is respected in most places. Nonetheless, depending on their gender tourists can wear certain types of jeans in tourist-friendly spots if they choose to do so.

Can I wear a T-shirt in Saudi?

Yes – you can wear a t-shirt as long as it follows the dress guidelines of the country. Make sure that the length of your top covers your shoulders and hips and that it isn’t too tight or see-through. It’s also a good idea to avoid wearing shirts or t-shirts with slogans related to politics, religion, drugs, alcohol, or anything else considered offensive in the region.

Can men wear shorts in Saudi?

Technically speaking, Saudi law does not explicitly forbid men from wearing shorts however only doing so in more liberal, westernized areas are generally accepted, and even then only to a reasonable length under the knee. Saudi traditional dress code requires all foreign visitors and locals to be modestly dressed by Islamic customs.

Are there slums in Riyadh?

The city houses some slums in parts of its outskirts. These infamous neighborhoods provide much-needed living accommodations to low-income families and immigrants looking for a place to call home in one of the richest cities in the world—but at a steep cost.

Can a woman walk alone in Saudi Arabia?

The laws are now less restrictive and culturally progressive social views are becoming increasingly accepted, it is still advised that foreign women who want to explore Saudi Arabia exercise caution when they travel alone.

Furthermore, women should be aware of public modesty laws that exist in some areas, as these can be strictly enforced. Ultimately, these changes bode well for greater female autonomy within the Kingdom, allowing women to live more freely and independently lives than ever before.

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